TCO cost reduction

A Holistic View on Cost Reduction

Cost reduction is usually the primary reason why companies outsource customer support operations, but having a holistic view of it provides maximum results. 

Organizations often focus on single pricing units, which does significantly lower their costs, but including different areas of operations and operational improvements into the calculation results in a much larger reduction of the total cost of outcome and can impact the quality of service immensely. 

Effective TCO model

Our experience in contact center operations in the e-commerce industry in numerous geographies allows us to create customized TCO models to significantly impact our clients' businesses both in terms of cost and customer experience.

Tactics like site consolidation, labor arbitrage, automation, and revenue generation can lower TCO by 30%.

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A recipe for TCO reduction

In the whitepaper below, we have explored multiple cost-saving tactics that can be combined into a very effective TCO model.

This holistic view of cost reduction can substantially lower your overall operational costs and significantly improve your customer experience and loyalty.

Download the whitepaper and see for yourself how it can be applied to your business.