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Who We Are

We are a global family of local specialists who help hundreds of clients to be present wherever their customers are. Our clients place confidence in us to be their voice and provide extraordinary service to their most important stakeholders.


How We Work

Our experience in contact center operations in the e-commerce industry in numerous geographies allows us to understand your priorities and goals and be a reliable partner that can support you in creating a competitive cost structure. 

Last year has brought the biggest year-over-year jump in online retail share ever recorded. We have been there with our clients and witnessed the rise of competition that requires a shift in approach and major adjustments.


Transcom solution cost savings benefits

How We Can Help

You find yourself in between huge global players and small local disruptors trying to create a competitive cost structure and maintain relevancy in the market. We can help you.

There is a way to substantially lower your overall operational costs and significantly improve your customer experience and loyalty.

Download the whitepaper that describes how you can take the lead in your market by improving your cost structure.

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