e-commerce 2021 what can make you stand out

The third retail revolution is here

The global pandemic has shifted the way consumers buy and thus changed their expectations permanently. 

The e-commerce sales of $861.12 billion in 2020 wasn’t expected to be achieved until 2022 so we are now seeing a surge in e-commerce penetration estimates with those trends continuing to break records.

It is no longer enough to just provide online sales - brands need to find ways to engage with their customers and build relationships.


E-commerce 2021 Transcom CX

CX is disrupting e-commerce

Brands such as Best Buy, Target, and Home Depot have been emphasizing the quality of their CX to build greater customer loyalty and consumer engagement as a way of staying ahead of the competition that has never been more saturated. Are they investing in the right strategy? YES. 


How to keep up?

We often get caught up in the overwhelming day-to-day events, so it's necessary to take a moment and look at the bigger picture.

How e-commerce has changed, what new trends are emerging, what the most innovative brands are doing, and what to focus on in your new CX strategy - it's all explored in the industry whitepaper below.