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As the pandemic swept the globe, all types of companies faced a sudden and dramatic shift in how they needed to serve their customers if their businesses were to survive amidst massive shutdowns and health and safety challenges. Now the vaccine is ready and those involved in managing the vaccine process are forced to figure out how to offer better consumer experiences safely, at-scale and now.

Your vaccine communication and customer service partner is a critical decision because consumers need accurate and proactive communications and a positive vaccine experience. 

Pave the way to successful, new care delivery models by embracing proactive vaccine communications, COVID 19 hotlines, appointment reminders in the preferred channel-of-choice and digital patient engagement. The providers that come out ahead will be those who act decisively, invest to build care and communication capabilities at scale, and deliver the kind of patient experiences consumers now demand.

That’s where Transcom can help. We have tremendous experience in scaling several hundred high quality people in a matter of hours, not weeks. Let us tell you how. 

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Get to Know Transcom

Transcom is a global company that is passionate about creating smarter people experiences.

Our formidable footprint is represented by best-in-class sites, outstanding leaders, innovative digital solutions and the industry's most knowledgeable and caring engagement specialists. 

About Transcom

  • 28,000 people
  • 50 sites
  • 23 countries
  • 33 languages

Transcom’s five areas of service delivery

  • Strategy Development
  • Sourcing Shoring (including carve out and WAH)
  • Customer Experience
  • Operational Excellence
  • Technical / Digital

Overcome Vaccine Communication Hurdles, Fast-Ramp Customer Care