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Transcom Has the Right Formula for Exceptional Customer Satisfaction

It’s no secret that first call resolution (FCR) and knowledgeable agents are among the most important components of customer service…and these two leading indicators impact revenue. But exactly how they impact revenue and to what degree…now that has been a bit of secret.

For college math majors, the formula might look something like this:

Agent attrition + FCR & NPS + Secret Formula = Customer Satisfaction and Lifetime Value

So…agent retention plus FCR and NPS plus a super-secret combination of several other factors drives customer satisfaction and customer lifetime value (CLV). Or stated simply, the best and the brightest customer service agents drive value in the form of happy, repeat customers.

Better yet, Transcom’s new Champion Challenger Calculator quantifies how better people lead to improved tenure, speed, and proficiency—and the corresponding positive client and revenue impact.  

p.s. Invite us as a Champion Challenger and we will offer free training for 100 FTE for a 6 month pilot

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If your current outsourced CX provider is not able to tell you how their services grow your revenue and customer lifetime value, contact Transcom to get your complimentary CLV score.

Using our new calculator, you will get a solid understanding of the ROI of outsourced BPO—and we can run the numbers to show how Transcom’s highly skilled and talented agents can deliver exceptional performance for your organization.

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